Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Twins 1st Christmas 2014

This year we went to "The Crandall Cabin" in Garden Valley for Christmas.  We had so much fun eating, playing games, watching the kids open gifts, did i mention eating.... :)  The twins did great however right before we left I had eaten some of Christys delicious spicy tacos and this STRONGLY disagreed with the boys.  They were super gassy, had angry poops, and little red tushies.  Due to this I ended up pouring out 2 full bottles of my breast milk.  Whoever said no use crying over spilled milk has NEVER PUMPED or is a man!  This made me short on my milk supply.  Curtis mom Sherry and his sister Christy offered to take care of the boys for the night doing all the feedings, changes, and snuggling so I could just sleep and pump for one whole night.  It was wonderful however I was short on milk..... So we had to supplement with some formula.  At first I was a little sad about having to give them formula but have come to terms with it and realize that in the long run introducing it to them now is best.  Also they did awesome with the half and half mix!  I defiantly feel less stress knowing that if my "Big Gulps" run out we have a back up. 

We also got some great gifts this year from his family!  A few of them were:

This handmade cutting board from the Beal family.

This note from the Haws family "When we were poor collage students just starting our family, this is what we wished for" and it was a box full of money:

And from the Crandall family we were outfitted with these matching shirts:

Thank You everyone for a most memorable 1st Christmas for the twins!

Carter & Charlie

Charlie Daniel Crandall

Carter Ryan Crandall

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